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Federal judge halts Trump administration conscience protection rule

NEW YORK (CNS) -- A U.S. District Court judge's Nov. 6 ruling that halts a Trump administration conscience protection rule for health care professionals leaves them "vulnerable to being forced to perform, facilitate or refer for procedures that violate their conscience," said the senior counsel for the First Liberty Institute.

Abuse crisis shows need for holiness, renewal in church, priests say

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Four Catholic priests who serve in various ministries and are on the front lines facing the aftershocks of the abuse crisis in the Catholic Church gave their perspective on helping the church address the problem.

13th-century encounter points way to greater Christian-Muslim understanding

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Eight centuries ago, St. Francis of Assisi took a risk when he crossed the battlefield between Crusader and Muslim forces near Damietta, Egypt, desiring to meet Sultan al-Malik al-Kamil and preach his faith in Jesus Christ.

Letters foster one young woman's gratitude for veteran's years of service

INDIANAPOLIS (CNS) -- At 20, Sophia Egold is part of a generation that communicates almost exclusively by text, Instagram, Facebook and other forms of social media, yet she has learned that none of them compares to the power of an old-fashioned, rapidly fading alternative.

A Veterans Day remembrance

Even duty in a combat zone duty can become routine, even boring, as you do your job, prepared for whatever comes. On one of those quite routine night in 1972 in the Gulf of Tonkin, around 1:30 a.m., we heard the radio traffic begin on the radio speaker dedicated to the Yankee Station Commander. A pilot had been shot down quite deep inside North Vietnam, just a few miles from Laos. The entire watch team felt a jolt of adrenaline. We had been on line for 20 days -- 20 days of port and starboard watches -- eight hours on watch, eight hours off watch. We were four or five miles off the coast of North Vietnam interdicting the flow of food and supplies from anchored Chinese cargo ships. We were just off the coast, near the Ho Chi Minh Trail, 40 miles north of the DMZ -- the Demilitarized Zone.

Remote vote: New York bishops on 'ad limina' will cast USCCB ballots

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- While other U.S. bishops are preparing for their general meeting in Baltimore Nov. 11-13, the bishops of New York state are packing their bags for Rome.

English cardinal: Priests would die rather than break seal of confession

MANCHESTER (CNS) -- Catholic priests would die rather than break the seal of confession to report child abusers to the police, said an English cardinal.

Pope asks Catholics, Salvation Army to spread God's love through service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Loving acts of service and charity not only help build up the Kingdom of God, they attract and influence others, Pope Francis said.

Ohio Senate bills will 'give more babies a second chance,' say supporters

COLUMBUS, Ohio (CNS) -- The Ohio Senate Nov. 6 passed a bill that would require a child born alive following an abortion receives the same medical care accorded any newborn at the same gestational age.

Pope recommends pastoral 'closeness,' urges bishops to be courageous

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Bishops from New England shared with Pope Francis some of the joys, challenges and sufferings of the church in the Northeast and, really, throughout the United States, three of the bishops said.