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Newton parish helps refugee family settle in Boston

ROXBURY -- Mujahid Komi sat informally on one of the cushioned chairs in his living room, Oct. 6. He looked comfortable. His wife, Huda Komi, sat across from him, smiling. Their apartment, a beautiful, spacious space in Roxbury, was warm, and the sun shone in from the windows and shined off the hardwood floors.

Trump administration expands exemptions on contraceptive mandate

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The Trump administration Oct. 6 issued interim rules expanding the exemption to the contraceptive mandate for religious employers, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, who object on moral grounds to covering contraceptive and abortion-inducing drugs and devices in their employee health insurance.

Pope tops 40 million followers on Twitter, 5 million on Instagram

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Francis' @Pontifex Twitter accounts reached more than 40 million followers just a few months before the fifth anniversary of when Pope Benedict XVI launched the initiative.

Happy Death Day

NEW YORK (CNS) -- With a name like "Happy Death Day" (Universal), a sweet, wholesome story is unlikely to unfold.

Phase V pastor orientation

On Oct. 3-5 the nine pastors of the Phase V collaboratives gathered for pastor orientation. Over the years, these sessions have been changed to better respond to the suggestions of the priests as to what needs to be considered when serving as the pastor of a collaborative. The meetings were moved from spring to fall to give the pastors a few months to become familiar with their collaborative. With six of the nine pastors being new to their collaborative, meeting in the fall gave them time for reflection on some of the challenges they face as well as some of the advantages to being the pastor of their particular collaborative. The sessions, done in more of a conversational style, focused on the topics of leadership models in a collaborative, evangelizing parishes and the importance of witness. This allowed for more open sharing of one another's experiences and ideas.

The Accountant meets The Joker

You would not have thought that accountants could be turned into vicious killers. Aren't they the guys who figure out which depreciation table you should use for your car, or how to apply a homebuyer tax credit?

Digitization progressing

It has been over one year since the Archdiocese of Boston entered into a partnership with the New England Historic Genealogical Society to digitize our sacramental record collection. Since it began in August 2016, there have been some exciting developments, and our progress has exceeded expectations thus far.

Dressing for the feast

Our Lord's parable in today's Gospel is again a fairly straightforward outline of salvation history.

When is it a sin to make a referral?

During World War II, if a contractor had been asked to construct a building knowing that it would serve as a gas chamber in Auschwitz, it goes without saying that he ought not agree to do it. By laying the foundation and supervising the plumbing, electrical and duct work, he would be contributing to, or enabling, the subsequent commission of atrocities against prisoners in the concentration camp.

Our Lady of the Rosary and the Battle of Lepanto

Tomorrow (Oct.7) the Church commemorates the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, a celebration that has its origin not, as it would seem, in simply a prayer, but in a battle.