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Catholic Charities' Laboure Center awarded Wells Fargo grant

BOSTON -- Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Boston's Laboure Center announced Aug. 14 it was awarded a $25,000 grant by Wells Fargo to support the center's Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide Training (NA/HHA), Youth Tutoring Youth (YTY) and Together Engaging Adolescents through Mentoring (TEAM) programs.

Miami's Catholic school observatory is set for eclipse

MIAMI (CNS) -- The student observatory at Belen Jesuit Preparatory School is eagerly awaiting the solar eclipse.

Malteser International Americas aiding the impoverished in Colombia

BRAINTREE -- It was seeing a young woman suffering from cerebral palsy and lying on the floor in her mother's arms that particularly stood out for Ed Delaney. The Winchester-resident had been in Northern Colombia surveying the work of Malteser International Americas, of which he is a board member and its vice president.

Lots of good news about Catholic schools in the archdiocese

In a few weeks, thousands of parents in the Archdiocese of Boston will choose to send their children to Catholic schools. They choose our schools for a variety of reasons. Parents find our schools to have environments that are nurturing and strong academic programs. They also choose us because our schools are places where children learn about Jesus and his saving grace.

The Panic of 1837

On Aug. 29, 1837, Bishop Benedict Joseph Fenwick of Boston wrote a report to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith in Rome, describing the present state of the Diocese of Boston which then encompassed all of New England. He opens the report by describing the effects of the financial Panic of 1837 and, in particular, its effect upon New Englanders.

Sunday Reflections

Most of us are the foreigners, the non-Israelites, about whom today's First Reading prophesies. Coming to worship the God of Israel, we stand in the line of faith epitomized by the Canaanite woman in today's Gospel. Calling to Jesus as Lord and Son of David, this foreigner shows her great faith in God's covenant with Israel. Jesus tests her faith three times. He refuses to answer her cry. Then, He tells her His mission is only to Israelites. Finally, he uses "dog," an epithet used to disparage non-Israelites. Yet she persists, believing that He alone offers salvation.

St. Clare and the priority of Christ

Saint Clare, whose feast the Church celebrates today, was born into a wealthy family in the year 1193. When she was eighteen years old, a charismatic wonderworker by the name of Francis came to preach a series of Lenten sermons at the church of St. Girogio in the town of Assisi. Clare was cut to the heart by Francis' words and literally left behind everything to enact in her own life Francis' call to embrace evangelical poverty.

The 'Expendable Children'

Couples who struggle to get pregnant are turning with greater frequency to the in vitro fertilization (IVF) industry for assistance. In some cases, they can end up feeling they are "too pregnant" when twins, triplets or quads arise. This occurs from the practice of implanting more than one embryo at a time to improve pregnancy success rates. A multiplet pregnancy can involve significant risk, both for the children in utero, and for the mother. Because of these risks, the pregnant mother will sometimes be advised to opt for a "selective reduction," where potassium chloride is injected into one or two of the growing babies, to cause their hearts to seize, followed by death and the gradual re-absorption of their bodies during the remainder of the pregnancy. This can allow the one or more remaining brothers or sisters to grow more safely and avoid further complications during the pregnancy. Given the incredible effort expended by the couple to become pregnant in the first place, these lethal practices often draw gasps of disbelief from others.

Permanent Diaconate Inquirers Program: Is Christ Calling You?

God is calling each of us to serve one another in charity and love and Pope Francis speaks to this call constantly. For some there is a particular invitation to serve Christ and the Church in ordained ministry. The Permanent Diaconate, restored at Vatican II, is a ministry of service that is open to married and single men. In the words of Saint John Paul II, the ministry of the deacon "is the Church's service sacramentalized."

Late summer musings

Rounding the bases -- long the occasional custom here -- while wondering if the Patriots sloppy exhibition kick-off against the eternally pathetic Jaguars officially ends talk of "perfection" this season. Not that the team itself would be guilty of such wooly thinking -- and certainly not the coach -- but all the savants have been raving about the prospect of a wire to wire blitz with Patriots Nation being utterly giddy over the notion. Alas, already it's been tainted and it's only early August.