Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Carver/Plympton, MA

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Crazy ruts!

Posted by Rev. Anthony Medairos on 9/27/16

Sometimes we do things that don't make sense, but we keep on doing them because that's what we always did.  Why is that?  For example, when our parish church is set up for bingo each week, one of the set-up crew for many years has placed at least one ... Read More »

A Spiritual Work of Mercy

Posted by Rev. Anthony Medairos on 9/11/15

In our Catholic tradition, one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy is to pray for the dead.  This obligation is highlighted in the Apostles’ Creed when it references “the communion of saints.”  Namely, that even after the death of the body, there remains a bond between those who still ... Read More »

Priests keep busy

Posted by Rev. Anthony Medairos on 8/10/15

There's that question:  What does a priest do all day?  Well, the last couple of weekends may offer an answer.  On August 1 there was a large memorial Mass for a person who died in the Midwest and the East Coast members of the family gathered here at 9 ... Read More »